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Anya17 sex trafficking opera
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Get Involved in ending sex trafficking
Like Anya17, an estimated 800,000 young women and children are deceived and trafficked into the EU every year to fuel the growing sex trade. Repeatedly gang raped and beaten, the girls can be forced to work for 16 hours, having sex with up to 30 men a day. It's happening every day… on your doorstep, so get involved!
Here's how you can help to end modern day slavery:
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The Volunteers

Any artistic dream can remain forever stillborn without the life-giving breath and affirmation of similarly creative minds. We are so fortunate therefore to have as essential and integral parts of the Anya17 project as:

Stu Jones - Illustrator

Where to begin? Stu's vision instantly meshed with that of the project and within just days produced the most extraordinary series of sketches to represent Anya17 to the world. Stu is our volunteer Illustrator and Graphic Designer, whose talents are so evident in Anya's eyes that any attempt to describe his immense contribution must surely fall short.

Visit Stu's website at:

Anna Celeste Watson - Web Designer

Anna answered a hesitant and disjointed phone call from a complete stranger about some obscure project about Operas and Sex Trafficking and instantly saw how important it could be. Anna is Anya17's highly talented and artistic volunteer Web Designer, whose inspired work has formed the foundation for the project's presence on the web.

Visit Anna's website at:

James Shilton - Photographer & Film Maker

An internationally-renowned Photographer and Film Maker, James Shilton of Shilton Photo Film has volunteered his substantial experience across multiple media to shoot a Documentary on 'the making of' Anya17. Featuring 'behind the scenes' footage as well as interviews with performers, anti-Slavery Charities and Politicians, the documentary is scheduled for national distribution upon completion.

Visit James' website at:

DR Solutions - Web Developers

You'd have to go a long way to find a more dynamic duo than Travis and Andrew at DR Solutions. These dedicated developers have not only volunteered their invaluable programming expertise to power the Anya17 Blog, but have also donated essential web hosting to the project.

Visit DR Solution's website at:

Hayley Chappell - Online Marketer

Social Media Guru and Freelance Journalist, Hayley's contribution to Anya17 lies in her unerring ability to conjure followers and interaction through spreading the message about this artistic endeavour. With raising awareness being the scheme's primary purpose, Hayley's volunteer role is pivotal to the success to the project.

Visit Hayley's blog at:

Alan Bryant - Marketer

Digital marketing and PR whizz-kid within the music industry, Alan is the newest addition to our talented volunteering team and has already been busy creating a vibrant buzz for the project. Alan has also been promoting and monitoring the project's digital marketing activities, as well as seeking out opportunities to promote the cause through traditional media.

Lauren Bates - Digital Marketer

Ethical Recruiter and Digital Media expert, Lauren's strength lies in 'connecting great people with great causes'. Lauren's business ethicaledge® has given the project free access to a deep pool of creative minds with the will to volunteer their talents for ethical use.

Visit Lauren's website at:

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