Author: Ben Kaye - Librettist, Co-founder
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September 5th 2011

A blog.

A blank page.

A ream to fill with feeling.

Sitting down to find a prompt to start this story with the coldest of engines, I recalled an interview when a reporter asked me why I write.

“Until the pain dulls.

Until I can fall asleep without a million thoughts and images banging on my heart.

Until the catharsis no longer helps.

Until the chaos becomes silence.”

If this resonates with any of you, then you know where I’m from. If it means nothing – I envy you.

It’s not through any desire to ‘make a mark’ but just my own quest for personal peace. It has to come out because if it didn’t or couldn’t then the cracks and fissures would widen into un-repairable chasms, and through those channels would run salt and lava and water.

Any project first flares in the darkness like a single match, flickers, gutters, takes, and if nurtured begins to burn with an intensity that soon sends the shadows skittering to the farthest corners. Ultimately though it must surely fade. To expect anything else is a denial of the truth.

So, a black rose. A single, simple, perfect, undeniable black rose. Born out of the dark, and to the dark, like all of us, it must return.
Anya… Anya 17.

Anya was born over two years ago when Adam Gorb and I first got together to discuss ideas for a new Opera. She had another name then, and a different story (that’s for another time), but transitions being what they are she ever so slowly became Anya in my mind. Thought by thought, piece by piece, nuance, background, motivation. Even then she was still elusive until I saw her eyes. Her eyes said everything to me. When I finally saw them they encapsulated all her life and screamed out in the darkness. For me, this is how characters grow from pure thought to reality.

Well… this is the first blog so I guess I have plenty of time to tell the full story. Keep checking in and I’ll let you know how Anya 17 came about, keep you up to date with auditions, rehearsals, the Documentary and everything else.

See you soon,
Ben Kaye
Poet & Librettist
Anya 17