Author: Ben Kaye - Librettist, Co-founder
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September 11th 2011
Anya17 Documentary Gets Go-Ahead

Following a very successful meeting in Liverpool on Friday, I can finally reveal that the Documentary on ‘the making of’ the Opera Anya17 is all set to go.

For new visitors to this blog, ‘Anya17’ is the first Opera to dramatically explore the issue of Sex Trafficking in the UK and will premiere with The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Ensemble 10/10 and the RNCM (Royal Northern College of Music) on March 7th 2012. Anya 17 is backed by eight UK / international Charities and The United Nations (UN.GIFT).

The Documentary’s Producer is to be the multi-award-winning Francis Vose, who with three BAFTAs to his name and a strong ethical approach is sure to guide this exciting project to a triumphant conclusion. The film’s Director will be selected shortly from the best of final year Film students from Liverpool Hope University.

Already on board to distribute the Documentary is ‘Unchosen’, a Charity which organises Film Festivals around the UK to raise awareness of Trafficking issues.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and the RNCM have been most generous in providing filming permissions, offering unrivalled ‘behind-the-scenes’ access for the Documentary which will blend the Opera making process with the issues which inspired it.

Whilst somewhat exhausted from the 560 mile round trip to Liverpool, I am delighted with this result which heralds wonderful opportunities to spread the message to a wider audience.

Over the coming weeks and months I will explain ‘what it takes’ to write an Opera, as well as keeping you up to date with the auditions, rehearsals and other behind-the-scenes information including interviews with the Documentary Producer and Director, the Composer, Opera soloists and musicians.

Until next time…