Author: Anna Celeste Watson - Web Designer

January 18th 2012
Anya17 Opera Website Launches (with 8 weeks today until the world premiere)

Following on from the stunningly beautiful yet disturbing logo my partner, Illustrator Stu Jones created last Autumn for the Anya17 opera, I am delighted to announce that I have just launched the brand new website for Anya17, to mark 8 weeks today until the world premiere here in the UK.

The site, which accompanies and expands on this Blog, features more information on the Cast, photos from Behind the Scenes, Venue and Ticket booking information, the latest Video, TV and Press coverage and more…

Don’t miss out on downloading your free wallpapers – more of which have also been added for your desktop, iPad or mobile phone – and make sure you sign up to the mailing list to be the first to hear news on further show dates and exclusive offers.

There’s also some advice on ways you can Get Involved in raising awareness to help end sex trafficking and human slavery.

Visit the new Anya17 website here:

Please do send us your comments – we’d love to hear what you think of the site and of anything else you’d like to see on there.

With thanks to the help of my very supportive Associate Web Developers DR Solutions for the hosting and coding work, and of course to Stu who I hope feels I have done justice to his original artwork.

My general thinking behind the overall look, feel and layout of the website, was to keep it very simple so as not to distract from Anya’s eyes but of course also to lead user’s own eyes into the site content. The design is clear, contemporary and almost blog-like, but using Constructivist (referencing Russian worker’s posters) lines to cut through the site. The diagonal lines going down are intended to subconsciously imply the negative decent into despair, with a clear separation between Anya’s eyes peering out from the darkness. As it flows into the rich and more sensual indigo purple (which also highlights the supporting charities) it mirrors the colour of the the violent bruising on Anya’s right eye but, coincidently, is a colour traditionally associated with spirituality, healing and the third ‘all-seeing’ eye, thereby offering a ray of hope.

But… with all said and done, I hope it’s still Anya’s eyes that really do all the talking!