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November 2nd 2012
Anya17 Wins ‘Best stage or film production dealing with human trafficking’ at the Anti-Slavery Day Media Awards 2012

It is with great pleasure that I can officially announce here that Anya17 has won the award for ‘Best stage or film production dealing with human trafficking’ at the Human Trafficking Foundation Media Awards 2012 which were recently held at the Speaker’s House in London on 17th October, on the eve of Anti-Slavery Day.

I feel very unworthy of announcing this fantastic news here on our blog, but as the Composer Adam Gorb, Librettist Ben Kaye and Director Caroline Clegg more than deserve a break after all their hard work and the excitement of the awards, I am posting up some photos from the night and look forward to more news from Ben soon.

Ben wrote on Facebook very late on the night of the awards “If I look shell-shocked then that’s because I was – I had absolutely no idea that we might possibly win” and he left a phone message for Stu and I (Stu designed the Anya17 logo and I created the website) on the awards night with a long pause on the answerphone, finally saying in his usual modest tone and sounding very shocked indeed “We’ve only gone and won the bloomin thing!”.

I personally had no doubt whatsoever of course that Anya17 would win, and am absolutely thrilled for Ben, Adam, Caroline and the fantastic cast for their talent and dedication, but of course more importantly we hope it will raise even more awareness about sex trafficking, and open up more opportunities for further Anya17 performances in the UK and worldwide…

You can view the full list of award winners here: