Author: Ben Kaye - Librettist, Co-founder

February 17th 2016
Anya17 goes to the Heart of Human Trafficking in the USA

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I am thrilled to announce that the award-winning opera Anya17 has just been confirmed for performances in Los Angeles in July this year.

Anya17 was created by composer and Royal Northern College of Music Professor Adam Gorb with librettist Ben Kaye to highlight the personal tragedies behind Human Trafficking, a criminal “industry” worth an estimated annual revenue of over £20,000,000,000, second in scope only to the Drugs and Arms trades.

Angels Vocal Art, featuring Artistic Director Kristof Van Grysperre conducting and internationally-acclaimed director Tanya Kane-Parry will be bringing to life a fully-staged production of Anya17 with orchestra.

Los Angeles is THE top point of entry into the USA for victims of slavery and trafficking and is number #1 on the list of the FBI’s highest child sex trafficking cities in the USA.

Premiered in 2012 by the Royal Northern College of Music and The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Ensemble 10/10 in Liverpool and Manchester, Anya17 was feted by the UK Government and endorsed by 14 National / International Charities / NGOs including The United Nations before going on to performances in Timisoara (Romania), Meiningen (Germany) and San Francisco (USA).

As Anya17 continues “her” journey around the globe to raise awareness of Human Trafficking, can I please take this opportunity to recognise two unsung heroes who have freely dedicated their time without any recognition whatsoever: Anna Celeste Watson and Stu Jones. Thank you for your everything you do… for nothing.